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You can’t talk about breakfast at Disney without mentioning the famous Mickey waffles.  If you’re on a Disney property and it’s breakfast time, you can’t avoid them…  And who would want to?  They’re served at buffets, they’re covered in fruit, chocolate, syrup, whipped cream, chocolate bits, cherries, M&M’s…  Sometimes all at once.  They’re a Disney institution, right on up there with Cinderella’s Castle, fireworks, and waiting in line.  Getting that first smell of fresh Mickey waffles while walking through the food court on the way to the buses…  Somebody call Yankee Candle and tell them to put that smell into a candle.  

Luckily for us, Disney is not at all stingy about sharing their recipe for their famous waffles.  They’re fast, easy to make, and taste so much like Disney World that, quite honestly, I felt a lump in my throat and got a tiny bit misty thinking about how much I missed Disney.  

Now if only Disney would share one of their Mickey-shaped waffle makers, I’d be in heaven.  Yes, yes, I know they have Mickey-shaped waffle makers, but they’re different.  I can tell.

If you’re wondering if beating the egg whites will make a difference, let me just tell you, yes, it does.  In fact, I think the big secret to this waffle recipe is those stiff egg whites.  While the waffles are certainly very good if you don’t take that extra step, they will be denser, rise a little less, and will be noticeably less fluffy.  Trust me, the extra work is worth the effort.  

Look how fluffy that guy is!

Also a note about the sugar…  The “official” recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of sugar.  However, I have it from the chef at the Crystal Palace that in reality, they tend to be a little more liberal with the sugar, making a sweeter waffle.  Having made this recipe both ways, I can say that most of the time I’ve had Mickey in his waffle form, he had the extra tablespoon (or maybe even more!) of sugar.  Also, according to my inside source, depending on where you had him, he may have had a splash of extra vanilla too.  I was told that within the Magic Kingdom, they like their vanilla a wee bit stronger.

~~~~  °o°  ~~~~
Mickey Waffles
As is served across Walt Disney World


°o°  4 eggs, separated
°o°  1 – 2 tablespoons sugar
°o°  1 cup milk
°o°  1/4 cup (half a stick) of butter or margarine, melted, cooled to room temp
°o°  1 teaspoon vanilla

°o°  2 cups flour
°o°  2 teaspoons baking powder
°o°  1/2 teaspoon salt
Beat egg yolks in a large bowl until the sugar is thoroughly mixed and the yolks are thick and sunny colored.  Add the milk, cooled melted butter, and vanilla extract and stir until combined.  Then add all at once flour, baking powder, and salt.  Mix well, but be sure not to overmix (overmixed batter will be frothy with lots of bubbles).  If the mixture is too thick, add more milk until the mixture resembles that of thick pudding.
In a separate bowl, using a mixer, beat egg whites until stiff.  Using a rubber spatula, gently fold the egg whites into the batter.  DO NOT MIX.
Bake, following the instructions of your waffle maker until golden brown.  Please note, these waffles rise and expand considerably so use the least amount of batter needed for desired results.  For those using a lock-lid waffle maker, this is especially important.  For results that most resemble Mickey waffles as served at Disney World, use a Belgian waffle maker.
Serve with a variety of toppings, including butter, powdered sugar, syrup, chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, whipped cream, strawberries or other fruits, even ice cream and sprinkles.  
~~~~  °o°  ~~~~



  1. 3

    Anonymous says

    Recipe is spot on! Thanks for sharing!

    The waffle maker you want is only found on eBay these days. It is the Vitantonio Model 950-NS. It has the deep moulds and IS the same waffle size and depth. I just won one and used your recipe and we have just made our first batch. We all agree your recipe is right and the waffle looks the same.

    Thanks again!

  2. 4


    Absolutely wonderful news! I know I'm going to be on the lookout. Right now, I have a Waring Pro professional grade waffle maker that I got at BJ's Wholesale and I love, love it, but it'd be fantastic to find the real deal.

    I will say, you wouldn't think it matters, but when it comes to waffle makers, spending a little more for one of the professional ones… Totally worth it.

    This is similar to the one I have, though a newer model: http://www.amazon.com/Waring-WMK300A-Professional-Stainless-Steel-Belgian/dp/B001BXM2LU

  3. 5

    Anonymous says

    I just recently went to Disney World and had the mickey waffles every day for breakfast! Now that I'm back home, I've been wanting to make them exactly how Disney does it! Now that i have this recipe, i cant wait to try it out! Based on what everyone said here, i know they are going to be perfect! Thanks Disney Chef!

  4. 8


    Hi, Chef! I love this recipe and added some grated orange zest to it for a variation. Can you reach out to me? I wanted to reference your blog in an article on the subject and hoped to get a quote from you as well. My email is silvestri@siadvance.com. Hope to hear from you soon. :)
    Cheers and regards,

  5. 9


    I love the orange zest idea! What a great way to make it all pop!

    I've sent you an email today, so let me know if there's anything I can do to help you in your blog. :)

  6. 10


    I've never had a lot of great success with my Mickey Waffle Maker, until I tried this recipe. Our maker bursts open when they are ready, which is a nice feeling of fluffy light waffles. Great recipe. I love it.
    Bananas and Butterscotch are my favourite topping for them

  7. 11


    Awesome! I'm glad I was able to pass on a great recipe for you guys! Me, I'm lover of all sorts of things on my waffles, but I have to say… I made that Dole Whip recipe and put it on warm waffles… That was about as close to heaven as we can get, I think. :)

  8. 12

    Anonymous says

    Wow, what a great recipe…definitely a KEEPER!
    My daughter doesn't care for sweets (I know, right?).
    I made "savory" waffles for her…she absolutely loved them. I've attempted to make savory waffles in the past with specialty recipes, but NONE of them was as delicious as your recipe. They would be too dense or too soggy.

    For her waffles I added snipped scallions (green parts only) or chives, thin julienne pieces of fresh sage, and a very light sprinkling of onion powder & white pepper.
    I placed her favorite poached egg and turkey sausage crumble over the waffle. She usually tops it with a country gravy, but she decline this time. She really like the "waffle" recipe that you posted.
    THANKS FOR SHARING! (Augusta, Georgia U.S.A.)

  9. 14


    A real, in-park waffle maker is not regularly available in places other than Ebay. However, you can find Mickey-shaped waffle makers at CVS, Kohls, and Walmart. Also available are Olaf, Minnie, and Goofy. :)


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